MSCI offers raw materials for the production of photoresists, electronic packaging chemicals (underfills, printing inks), toners, and conformal coatings. Some products listed here also supply the medical industry with raw materials used for fiber optic image bundles. Here are some more examples:

  • LCD - Cardo Resins that have low shrinkage and lithographic performance more superior than polymethacrylates.
  • Epoxy - Epoxy Resins enable new products with low chlorine content, low viscosity, and low water absorption, not to mention higher temperature capability and good weatherability.
  • Mounted Circuit Board - Distribute conformal coating materials with solvent, non-solvent, and UV curable types.
  • Fiber Optic Image Bundles - Used in medical devices, including gyroscopes and endoscopes.
  • Conformal Coatings - Used in automotive applications, including engine control boards.
  • Dicumyl Peroxide - Vulcanizer (catalyst) used in rubber applications, including wire/cable casings.
  • GAN Resin - An adhesive used in composites applications and certain coating applications.
  • Bulkermat - Non-woven bulk laminate used in composites applications for marine, automotive and other industries.

MSCI also offers the most modern machines for toner production, (high intensity mixers, kneading machines, small particle pulverizer machines, and surface fusing systems).

This is just a preview of our product line-ups that will meet your needs. Contact us for more information on these great products.