Construction & Composite

Commercial and residential buildings consume approximately 40% of the world's primary energy supply and are responsible for 39% of the world's CO2 emissions. The good news is that buildings have the greatest energy-saving potential using technology such as spray foam insulation, air and vapor barriers using high gas and moisture barrier films, glass fiber and coatings, not to mention using polymeric latex to patch up cracks and gaps between blocks in construction. With 80% of homes in the US under-insulated, and weatherization a key issue expected to receive stimulus dollars under the "cash for caulkers" program, "R" value is the new buzz word. Our focus is on green and sustainable living for everyone.

  • Polymeric MDI and Polyether Polyols for Spray Foam Insulation - We offer both MDI and polyols in drums for spray foam.
  • Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH) Barrier Film - This biaxially oriented PVOH film with high gas and oxygen barrier properties offer excellent weather resistance and moisture permeability. In addition, it controls interior moisture transmission, and sun filters against solar heat and glare, providing better thermal comfort.
  • Dry Mix Mortar - This is a revolutionary redispersable polymer based on special polymer, Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate and Acrylic Esters. It exhibits unique workability, plasticity and cohesion.
  • Particle Board Formaldehyde Scavenger - Reducing formaldehyde emission from Urea Formaldehyde glue to meet CARB II, F**** and Super EO standards has been a challenge. This Formaldehyde Scavenger is derived from innovative and proven technology without sacrificing the mechanical properties of the particle board. The feeding of this scavenger requires only minor modification in most of the resin feed system. This is another example of green chemistry.
  • Micropearl - The tiny microcapsule consists of a light-weight thermoplastic shell and an encapsulated core with hydrocarbon. Such structure allows the shell to expand and is used as lightweight filler, adhesives for tapes and sealants, and improves surface finish and durability while reducing weight.
  • Heat Shield Paint - This space-age technology now has found its use on the ground. Coating of this specialty paint offers a high level of energy reservation and noise reduction.
  • Glass Fiber - Versatility, complete wetting and ease of processability showcase the uniqueness of this glass fiber. We have filament, roving and mat grades available.
  • Polymer for Macro Defective Free (MDF) Cement - We are ready to share with you some of the latest developments in this cutting edge technology that offers high flexural strength cement. Contact us for more information on these great products.