Paper Coatings

MSCI offers numerous specialty chemicals that are pertinent in all of the various fields in the paper coating industry. While our emphasis addresses thermal, ink jet, security, and printing papers, MSCI can offer technical assistance tailored to meet the custom needs of our partners. MSCI has established sales with the market leaders around the world in the specialty paper coating industry.

Thermal Paper
We offer a multitude of products that are used in the several layers that make up thermal paper for lottery tickets, gaming tickets, airline luggage tags, airline tickets, car rental receipts, shipping labels, food packaging labels and many point of sale (POS) labels.
  • Top Coat Layer - MSCI carries unique grades of functionalized Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH) that provide excellent barrier characteristics including water resistance, oil and grease resistance, and rub resistance.
  • Active Coat Layer - including developers (TGSH, TGSB, BPS), sensitizers, fillers specialty silica, color formers and binders.
  • Base Coat - Functionalized PVOH to act as a binder for the active layer while also disallowing penetration of the active layer into the base coat.
  • Back Coat - Functionalized PVOH offering anti-curling, adhesion, and a barrier preventing silicone penetration.

Ink Jet Paper
MSCI offers specialty polymers for the ink jet paper industry in both the swellable polymer and microporous technologies. Our products can offer a unique blend of the required resistance characteristics for the ink jet image including water, environmental, oil, and grease, while simultaneously allowing for needed ink absorption.

  • Top Coat Layer - MSCI handles specialty modified PVOH for the barrier layer offering the resistance characteristics mentioned above.
  • Stabilization Layer - Including specialty silica and PVOH to assist in stabilizing the image and reducing haloing.
  • Base Layer - Specialty Polyvinyl Alcohol to aid in the increase of durability and strength, whether paper or film-based.
  • Back Coat - Products that assist in anti-curling and printability of the back side.

This is just a preview of our product line-ups that will meet your needs. Contact us for more information on these great products.